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Garfield is a playable character in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, originating from the franchise of the same name. He was announced on IGN on December 7th, 2021 as the game's first DLC character, and released on December 9th across all consoles for free.


Light Attacks[]

  • Forward Kick (Mid Grounded): A somewhat long-ranged kick.
  • Donut Bother Me (Up Grounded): Garfield holds a donut above himself.
  • Fly Swatter (Down Grounded): Garfield swings at the ground with a rolled-up newspaper trying to crush a spider. Said spider is purely aesthetic.
  • Happy Day (Mid Aerial): Garfield extends his arms and legs diagonally, hitting all around himself.
  • Thrashing Thoughts (Up Aerial): Garfield thinks of a word, somehow damaging enemies. The word is random each time, but are also purely aesthetic.
  • Spin Drop (Down Aerial): A multi-hitting downwards spin.
  • Tap Dance (Dash): Garfield does a fast tap dance while running.

Strong Attacks[]

  • Leg Slap (Mid Grounded): A forward swing of a chicken leg.
  • Lasagna Frenzy (Up Grounded): Garfield rapidly eats lasagna from a tray, damaging opponents in a short area around him.
  • Classy Shtick (Down Grounded): Garfield dons a magician hat and slams a cane onto the ground.
  • BURP! (Mid Aerial): Garfield burps profusely, damaging opponents in a close range in front of him.
  • Yawn (Up Aerial): Garfield yawns while stretching his arms upward.
  • Air Stomp (Down Aerial): A stomp attack, which can spike.
  • Cat Pounce (Dash): Garfield pounces forward as a cat would.

Special Attacks[]

  • Pie Party! (Mid): Garfield throws a pie projectile. There are two types of pies he can throw, which are thrown in a set order. The first throw is a cream pie that hits multiple times, and the next two throws are blueberry pies that deal vertical knockback.
  • Feral Cat (Up): Garfield leaps high in the air and pounces back down in an upwards arc.
  • Pooky (Down): Garfield throws his stuffed bear Pooky onto the field. Pressing the button again brings Pooky back to you, damaging opponents who are in the way.


  • Entrance: Garfield walks in doing a routine in a magician outfit.
  • Taunt: Garfield curls up in a ball to take a nap while shooing his opponent away with one hand.
  • Idle: Stands tall with his arms at his side; occasionally opening his mouth.
  • Idle animation 1: Garfield excitedly eats a pie.
  • Idle animation 2: Garfield lays on his side while giving a thumbs-up.
  • Victory animation: Garfield juggles a pie, a donut, and a pan of lasagna before catching them all in his mouth.
  • Lose animation: Garfield bawls on the ground while pounding his fist and emitting a talk balloon reading "WAAAH".
  • Team victory animation: Garfield stands with his arms crossed and a smug smirk on his face.


  • The move "Forward Kick" references a running gag in the Garfield comic strips, in which he kicks Odie (his owner Jon's dog) off a table.
  • His multitude of food-related attacks references his love for all things food; especially lasagna.
  • The move "Pooky" references Garfield's beloved stuffed bear of the same name, which makes frequent appearances across all kinds of Garfield media.
  • His entrance, as well as the move "Classy Shtick", reference the opening to the first six seasons of "Garfield and Friends".
  • The move "Lasanga Frenzy" references not only his love of lasanga, but the animation is identical to the pose he usually take when eating it in Garfield media.
  • The move "Thrashing Thoughts" references how in most Garfield media, Garfield speaks through his thoughts rather than his mouth.
    • His dialouge box in Arcade mode also uses a thought bubble rather than the generic text box used by every other fighter.
  • The move "Fly Swatter" references a frequent gag in the comic strip, in which Garfield tries to swat a spider with a newspaper. The onomatopoeia that appears uses the same font from the comic strips as well.
  • The name of the move "Pie Party" references a line from the second intro for "Garfield and Friends".
  • The move "Feral Cat", as well as his get-up attack, resembles his sabretooth cat stance from the Sega Genesis game Garfield: Caught in the Act.
  • His team victory pose as well as his other render references a piece of official artwork.
  • His losing animation references the way he cries in the comic strips.
  • His alternate costume references a similar bib he wears in various comic strips, as well as in early merchandise.
  • His official render and victory animation is a reference to a piece of stock art.



  • Garfield's internal codename is "orb", referencing his rotund shape.
  • Although Garfield was slated to arrive later in December for the Switch version as opposed to the other consoles, the update featuring him became the first to release simultaneously for all versions.
  • Garfield's alt seemed to originally be white with stains on it, but the final version has a red & white checker-pattern.
  • Garfield is the oldest character (so far) to be in the game, debuting in 1978.
  • Garfield, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Shredder, and Hugh Neutron are the only characters to debut outside Nickelodeon or any of its sister channels, debuting in a comic strip.
    • With the exception of Hugh, all of the listed characters were all created by a third party prior to becoming a property of Nickelodeon, Paramount Global, or any of its subsidiaries.
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